Add XP Start All Programs Menu In Windows 7

There are times when you may realize it is some times quite difficult to find the installed programs through all programs menu in windows 7 as its not like an open menu which was used to be in windows xp where it used to open the list of all the programs over the entire desktop screen and then you can easily launch the program from the all programs menu.

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But its now a vertical list of all programs which keeps itself in the start menu and you need scroll through the big list of all programs but this approach is however difficult and time consuming for many as shown in the image below.

windows 7 all programs menu

StartMenuXP allows to replace the windows 7 all programs menu with xp style all programs menu with a dropdown menu in the Windows XP style. Apart from this, the program features numerous improvements that will help you find and launch programs much faster as shown in the image below.

old xp all programs menu in windows 7

Start Menu XP for Windows 7 features virtual groups which allows you to combine different similar programs under one group, unlike windows 7 all programs menu this one uses entire screen and provide quick launch of programs, all the programs all sorted in alphabetical order. This programs comes in both free and paid version some of the features like virtual groups and foldable groups comes in paid version, else the free version is good to use as well. When you install this program, you will get the option of install groups feature, you can prevent it from installing if you don’t this feature and do not need to group programs as shown in the image below.

use groups

The program does not modify your system and it absolutely safe to use. StartMenuXP uses documented Windows functions and can be easily enabled or disabled. It will enable all programs menu like xp when its running only, if you want the all programs menu the windows 7 menu, exit the running program through its system tray icon as shown in the image below.

start menu xp for windows 7

You can also upgrade to pro paid version at this page here, below are the list of benefits you will get in this program if you upgrade to pro version.

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Download Start Menu XP for Windows 7 from here

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