Add Windows 8 Metro UI Login Screen In Windows 7

When it comes to customizing your Windows we have at least endless options out there on the Internet. For a person like me who wastes half of his day searching for new customization applications and packages, the very first appearance of any computer’s desktop screen is what I always look for.

Honestly it appeals to me and to many like me and it just makes you cool among your friends. Now since we are getting used to Windows 7 now a days, we have found a new very amazing and easy to apply customization option for the Login screen. Yes I am talking about the conventional and boring Login screen which I suppose needs a replacement now.

Login screen can be changed by a couple of existing software like Logon Changer, Windows 7 UI Background Changer etc, but the new login screen changer from Metro UI is different. It does not change the background image of the screen, in fact it  changes the template of the space where the accounts are displayed. Instead of the old and crappy boxes for your accounts on Windows 7, a new look will be imparted to your screen.


Although implementation of the new screen takes a few minutes, once done, the end result will definitely make you feel that your hardwork has been paid off. Make sure that you are in your senses as while going through the process you will be making changes in the System files, so a lot of caution is required. If you go wrong, you might face a couple of problems.

How To Install Metro UI Login Screen-Step By Step Procedure

  • Firstly make sure that no applications are running before you start off with the process.
  • Install InstallTakeOwnership.reg , a software available on the internet for free. Double click the file downloaded, click on RUN then click YES and lastly OK on the respective screens appearing one after the other.
  • Thirdly go to C:\Windows
  • Open the Windows folder.
  • Scroll down or keep pressing the S key on your keyboard until you see a folder named System32.
  • As you searched for System 32 folder, the similar process is to be followed in searching for authui.dll in the same folder.
  • The small utility that you downloaded and installed in the second step lets you take the ownership of any file. So basically it would give you the permission to modify the system files. In order to get those permissions, right click on anthui.dll, and choose TAKE OWNERSHIP. A black screen would appear and after the ownership has been taken it will disappear.
  • Now rename the file, like authui.dll to authui.dll.old.
  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the Metro UI Login Screen files . From there copy the correct authui.dll your system32 folder and close it.
  • That’s it and your done. You are not even supposed to restart your computer. To give it a check just press Windows Button + L and you will see the all new login screen.

Download Take Ownership –[How To Geek]

Download Metro UI login Screen Windows 7 – [Deviant Art]

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