Add Windows 7 Sidebar In Vista

Windows Side bar, as you all must be aware is a Windows Desktop Gadgets bar congaing mini-applications, Gadgets and shortcuts to some of the installed applications which is very handy feature introduced my Microsoft and has been appreciated world wide. These Gadgets can be docked in sidebar or you can even place them on your desktop screen.

Microsoft is keep on changing the gadgets and appearance of the side bar in every version of Windows. Today, although Windows 7 has undoubtedly become  the most popular operating system but still most of the users who are upgrading from Windows Vista to Window 7 doesn’t like the side bar in Windows 7. Most of the users across world wide finds Windows Vista side bar better in appearance and also in usability.

Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt option in Window 7 to roll back to previous version (i.e Vista) of the Side bar only. So a simple solution to this problem is using a tool named 7Sidebar. This is basically a small tool that emulates the god old sidebar of Vista in Windows 7. This nifty tool even requires no setup or any other special software and will add some nice feature to your Windows 7 sidebar.

22-10-2010 01-57-10

This is the appearance of this sidebar. The sidebar can hold any gadget and it always stays visible even if you open any applications in the maximized window. At the top of the taskbar various feature are given which can help you easily customize the sidebar.

22-10-2010 02-00-15

The first option is of Windows Explorer. You can simply click on this option anytime to open the Windows Manager with live-thumbnails directly and see all the opened applications in the sidebar only. These thumbnails can even be configured to update even if the window is minimized.

22-10-2010 02-03-20

If you have added a number of Gadgets in sidebar then all of them can’t be appear at a same time. So there are two forward and backward buttons given at top, using which you can flip to next window of sidebar just as you flip pages. This option is really a pretty good feature which is not present in default Windows 7 sidebar.

22-10-2010 02-05-44

And the last option is to add gadgets. The list of all the gadgets present in this tool can be seen from this shortcut. In nutshell. it is very easy to use and is added with special useful features and added appearance. This sidebar is by default set to Always on top. if you wish to change its settings, then simply right click on it and then change the settings.

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The size of 7Sidebar is 2.04 Mb and you can run it directly from its installation file. This tool is compatible with all the editions of Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download 7Sidebar

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