Add Website Links In Windows 7 Desktop Right Click Menu For Quick Access With Web Pinner

Some are the websites are so common that you visit them almost every time; you use the computer and the Internet. For such sites, you might have often think of some shortcuts or a way by which you can directly open those websites or some special links which you want to visit frequently. Today, we are discussing about a small utility which can help you for the above mentioned purpose. Users have often wanted of a way by which a single click must be enough to visit any of their frequently visited links on any of the website. So, here we present you that way which is possible by making use of this below mentioned small utility.

As, we all know that Windows desktop context menu or more popularly known as the right click menu is one of the very frequently and commonly used functions. We can’t even think of a single user who never uses this option with the help of right click which basically lists some of the inbuilt functionalities such as to open, refresh, etc. So, it would obviously be very nice to have all your favourite websites or some of the links which you frequently visit to be pinned to this context menu so that you can launch them easily and that too through two clicks. For this, Web Pinner is a small, easy to use, helpful and basically a portable freeware utility which has been specially developed for Windows. This utility basically allows the user to pin any website link to the desktop context menu which can then be seen by using the right click.


In order to try out this small application, you may download it from the below given link. After this, you need to just run this small app but that too in administrator mode and after this you just need to enter the website details including URL and icon which you want to see as one of the option in the right-click menu. It will also ask you to set the default browser, which can be any of the available browser in your computer such as IE or Firefox in order to open the context menu link. Now, after adding this you can see the link available in the context menu.

Once added, one may remove those links from the context-menu by using the other part of the utility which shows how to remove it.


So, overall we can say that Web Pinner is a simple, easy to use tool which do the task for which it has been developed perfectly and basically adds your favourite websites to context menu, so that next time you can directly open those links on your favourite websites.

Download Web Pinner

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