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You must have published some of your pictures online in social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, or in your blogs, forums or even send them to your friend by mail. But all the pictures which you publish on net are public and anyone can see or download them. So, you must put some watermark on your pictures either to copyright your images for security reason or for putting comments over your images.

So today, we are going to tell you about a tool named Watermark Magic, using which you can put the watermark over your images. Watermark basically means text or logo, which you can write over your images. Watermark prevent images from copying and even publicise your sites or your name if you are a author or owner of a website, or you can simply put watermarks for fun i.e for commenting on your images. So to put watermark, you can use Watermark Magic and believe me this tool has beautiful and easy to use interface.

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By default, this tool will install in French language. So first, you will need to click on Language and then select English. Now I will explain each of the options given in this tool. The first step to use this tool is to select the Source and Destination. First go on source box and then select the location of folder where you have stored your images on which you want to put watermark. Now in destination, give the location of folder where you want to save the watermarked images.

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Then in the bottom right you can see all your images inside your source folder, by browsing on scroll bar.

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Now using this tool you can add three types of watermarks i.e Logo, Text or Frame. Logo means putting any logo over the image which could be your organisation’s logo or even your group logo etc. Text means writing anything over image which I have explained earlier. Frame means adding frames i.e borders to your images which could be your copyright. So let me first tell you how to insert text.

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To insert text, click on text. Now write any text in first box. You can see above I have written “” as text. Then in next box select the colour of text. You will see 4 options in this box namely transparent, White & Blue, White & Black and Pixels. Select any as per you choice. Then in box adjacent to it, select the area where you want to put watermark. You can put watermark in corner, centre of all four edges or in centre on images. So select from different options where exactly you want to put watermark.

At bottom you can further customize the size and location of your watermarks. Once done with all the settings, click on tick which is on bottom right. Your watermark will then added and that particular image will automatically be saved in destination folder. Similarly, you can add a logo or frame to your images. Click on logo and then select location where logo is saved. Then customize position for logo for adding logo. Same applies for adding a frame.

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You can even advertise this tool to let your friend too know about this friend. For doing so, Click on Show, under Advertising and then select location for advertisement. Select any location in such a way that it wont affect the visibility of your image and also your watermark. By default, it will add advertisement “Tattooed by Watermark Magic” to your images.

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The size of this tool is 8.09 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit edition.

Download Watermark Magic

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