Add Upload To Google Docs Option In Right Click Menu In Windows

I am a fan of google docs I use it for my business related purpose mainly for handing and sharing documents and syncing them with different other people, and its free to use so I consider it as the best online document and file sharing tool. With some new features being rolled out to google docs it has become so easy to upload a file or document on google docs as you can just drag and drop the file on the google docs upload screen, but still if you want it to be more simple to upload a files you should consider the tool being talked about in below.


Google Docs Uploader is freeware software which helps you upload different files to google docs by making the process seamless and simple for you, as once it is installed on your windows computer you can just right click on any file and you can upload it straightaway to google docs.


As you can see in the image above, just right click on any file to upload it google docs online, the only thing it will ask for is your google docs user name and password. A note from the developer says


“This program allows you to upload any office file to your personal Google Document Storage. This is still in early stages of development, so any comments about the program, functionality etc is most welcome”

It will ask for a name for the file so that it appears with the same name under google document list as shown in the image below.


Download Google Docs Uploader


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    I could not find the download link, as seen in all other technixupdate posts…


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