Add, Upload Photo With Twitter Status Update On Twitter Website

Twitter has recently rolled out new feature which allows you to add or upload image with your status update on twitter when you are posting update from twitter web interface, with time they will probably roll out this feature in their official iphone, android and ipad app as well.

As we had suspected earlier, twitter was thinking of rolling out this feature now they enabled this feature for everyone, login to twitter web interface in any web browser you will notice the new image upload option represented as camera icon as shown in the image below.

native photo uplaod on twitter

Once you login to your account, you might see this small image pop up which explains the feature as shown in the image below.

photo upload on twitter

Moreover Amit Aggarwal from has come up with a great tip on how you can use this new feature on twitter to post long and very long tweets you can read the tip here and another way to post long tweets, read our guide here

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