Add Uninstall Command In Programs, Application Shortcuts Right Click Context Menu In Windows

While accessing and using your systems, you need many software which you install time to time in your system. But after installing and using them you either forget or doesn’t care to uninstall them even if they are not in use. This consumes lots of space and memory of your system which slows down the overall speed of the system. Another reason for not uninstalling such software  is the complexity that user feel in uninstalling these software. Having desktop shortcuts for various applications has become very common and it looks like that it is an easy way to access your favourite applications.

In order to launch any of your favourite application or the one you need more often such as Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, you simply have to double click on the shortcut available on the. But what if it becomes so easy to uninstall an application too, that you just click on a shortcut and you can simply uninstall the application completely.

So, desktop shortcuts can also help you uninstall the applications you no longer need.  For this, we recommend you can an application’s desktop shortcut to uninstall those applications which are no longer needed. In order to do so, you need an application called as Menu Uninstaller.

You have to just install this application in your system. After installing the application, just right click on any application’s desktop shortcut. You will see that in the menu which you get, there is one new option added to it which is to uninstall that application from your system. By selecting the uninstall option from the menu as shown in the below snapshot, you can simply uninstall the application completely from your system. In this way you may save your time as you don,t have to go to control menu, for uninstalling the application.


But still some users may not like desktop shortcuts at all as they want their desktop to be clean and clear. For this, if you right click on a shortcut in the Quick launch or even on a shortcut present in Start Menu, then also you may observe the same option of uninstalling the application.

Menu Uninstaller as we have discussed is an easy to use and a handy shell extension that simply adds an option of  “Uninstall” item to the right click menu of shortcut icons that launch a program. You may simply and very easily uninstall the software which is no longer needed, by simply right-clicking on the shortcut icon and launch the default uninstaller immediately.

Download Menu Uninstaller

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