Add Tabs and Other Extra Features In Windows Explorer

Tab feature which is an integrated feature of all the current generation web browser, always makes our browsing a lot easier by enabling us to open different sites in tabs and switch to any of them, anytime. So today we will be telling you about an innovative tool named QTTabBar using which you can have same tablet feature enabled in your windows explorer.

QTTabBar is basically a shell extension i.e it integrates in your windows explorer without disturbing its appearance much, and will provide you with a number of useful feature including the adding tab feature. With this tool, you will be able to quickly switch between different folders even if they are located in different drives, by simply clicking on tabs.

To install this exiting tool, you will need to run its installation file and then restart your computer. Then go to your Windows Explorer and hold the Alt key. Then go to view –> toolbars, and then mark both the options i.e QT TabBar Standard Buttons and QT TabBar.

05-09-2010 23-37-40

After enabling both of them, you sill see two tabs in your windows explorer as shown below.

05-09-2010 23-40-04

So this is how this tool integrates in your Windows Explorer. Now I will review all the important feature of this tool.

1. Tab Feature :- This tool will allow you to create number of tabs by clicking on clone option. When you open anything in windows explorer, you will see its name in QT TabBar. To create tabs, you will need to right click on it and then click on clone option. Alternatively, you can also use shortcut key for clone which is located in QT TabBar Button bar.

05-09-2010 23-49-29

05-09-2010 23-51-07

You can see that after cloning My Computer five times, I have opened five different folders and all these folders are located in different partitions. So it save your browsing time between folders and will allow you to switch between folders in fraction of time. I found this feature very handy as per my requirement.

2. Easy Access folders :- This tool will allow to easily access all your folders. This tool will allow you to open any folder or file from the QT TabBar only. You can view all the directories and subdirectories in tree form and then jump to any desired location you want. So it will save your lots of time. To see how this option actually works, have a look at following snapshot.

05-09-2010 23-59-05

3. Undo Closed i.e Recently Visited :- This tool also keeps records of all your actions. So using this tool, you wont need to again search for folders which you have recently closed. Just right click on QT TabBar and then go under Recently closed and then you will see all the folders which you have recently closed. Now click on desired folder which you want to open.

06-09-2010 00-06-10

4. Add to favourite :- This option is just like your internet explorer feature, using which you can save all your daily needed folder to favourites so that you wont need to search for them again and again. To use this feature, drag your folder to QT TabBar and then right click on it and click on Create New Group. Now give this group a name and save this folder in this group. In similar way, you can add many folders in this group.

06-09-2010 00-16-14

You can access all your favourite folders, by clicking on icon which I have highlighted in QT TabBar Standard Buttons.

5. Shortcut Keys :- All the shortcut keys to perform different functions are available on QT TabBar Standard Button bar. I will explain each of them below, from left to right.

06-09-2010 00-24-06

  • Groups :- This button will allow you to see all those files and folders which you have saved as your favourites.
  • Recently Closed :- As name suggest, this option will show you the name of all files and folders which you have recently closed.
  • Application :- You can see all your recently view application from this button.
  • New Window :- You can open a new window by simply pressing on this button.
  • Clone This :- This option will allow you to create tabs, as I have already explained.
  • Close :- This will close your Windows Explorer.
  • Close Window :- This will close only your current window.
  • Close all but current :- Select on any tab and then press this button to close all other tab and remain open only one selected tab.
  • Close Left :- Use this button if you want to close all the tabs which are to left side on any selected tab.
  • Close Right :- This option is vice versa of above option, i.e close all tabs of right side from selected tab.
  • Copy Tool :- Use this button to perform various copy operations.
  • Search bar :- Search any of your folder and file by using this search bar.

The size of this tool is just 597.6 Kb and as I have already told, it will integrate inside your Windows Explorer. This tool is compatible with all the editions of Windows 7 and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition.

Download QTTaskBar

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