Add SSH / SFTP In Windows Explorer With Swish

Swish is a freeware program which allows you to map a connection under windows explorer. It is always good to use SFTP as is better and secure protocol as compared which transfers the data and your username and password in encrypted form, on the other hand FTP carry out all the data in plain text which can be sniffed by a hacker in between.


Swish allows to connect to your server through secure SFTP connection directly from windows explorer, this application works windows xp, windows 2000, vista and windows 7 too.


Following are some key features swish provide

File-system browsing
Simple password authentication
Keyboard-interactive authentication
Cached connections to the server
File and folder renaming
Deletion File and folder deletion
Copying files from a remote server
Copying files to a remote server

Download Swish

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