Add Shortcut To Folder In Taskbar In Windows 7

Windows 7 taskbar does not allow to pin a shortcut or folder path directly to the taskbar, as only program executable can only pinned to the taskbar by default in windows 7.

We had already posted some tricks you can use to make windows 7 taskbar more useful like add more features in windows 7 taskbar with 7 Taskbar Tweaker and how to make icons look smaller in windows 7 taskbar and other useful application like battery level status indicator for windows 7 taskbar.

Today we will tell you how to pin a folder to windows 7 taskbar, follow the step by step below to do it.

Update: Before proceeding with the tutorial below, just make sure that hide extensions for known file types option unchecked In Windows Explorer Tools >> Folder Options – under View tab

1. Create a new text file on desktop, by right clicking in the empty area and then select New >> Text Document.


2. Now Rename the created text file to the folder which you want to pin up and change its extension to exe.


3. Confirm the rename action, and then you will see the renamed file with an icon like the one shown below.


4. Drag and Drop the file over windows 7 taskbar to pin it there, right click on the icon and then


5. Right click the Pictures.exe file icon the windows 7 taskbar and then again right click in Pictures and select properties


6. Set the path to the folder you want, in my case it was pictures folder.


7. You can also change the icon optionally to make the icon shortcut to this folder more logical


8. Click ok 2 times to save all the changes, here is how it will look like as shown in the screenshot below.


We hope you like this trick with windows 7 taskbar, you can read more windows 7 tips we have shared before with our readers. :) Let us know if you are facing a specific problem with windows 7, we would love to help you in that case.


  1. says

    Seems like a lot of effort. Wouldn’t it be easier to:

    1. Pick a folder somewhere, such as My Documents.
    2. Right click, pick “Create a new shortcut”
    3. In the short cut, for the program type:
    explorer “c:\some folder name\another folder”
    (note you only need the quotes if there are spaces in folder names)
    4. Click next, then give it a meaningful name.
    5. Right click on short cut and pick “pin to taskbar”.

    It works, you can also change the icon as described in the post.

  2. Dave says

    I saw this over at Downloadsquad and figured I’d say it here as well. This is a very nice little trick. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Andrea M says

    Nice article, very useful. I really appreciate it.
    But, since i’m here, i have just upgraded to win7 and i found that my monitor resolution is 1028×768 max, with the driver installed, whreas before it was 1280×800…now i have the icon wide!! can you help me? i can’t figure out what is the setting to wave…

  4. abhishek says

    @Andrea M – right click on desktop select personalize >> Screen resolution you will see the old resolution listed there – you can select and apply the same resolution again

  5. Darren says

    @Arcane Code: You are my hero!!! Thank you so much for sharing that awesome tip! This was driving me nuts!

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