Add Share On Orkut Button On Your Website

Orkut is one such social network which is not very popular now, but it is still being used by some people, however people are more likely moving towards facebook for social networking but some of them are still using orkut also. Just you can share any thing you found cool on internet on facebook, same way you can do for orkut too.

Orkut team has recently launched orkut share bookmarklet,  which allows to you share any link, video, photo with your orkut friends online. In order to add the orkut share bookmarklet go to and drag and drop the bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser, or see the video below on how to do it.

Share Links, Photos, Videos On Orkut

For all the webmasters out there, they can add a the cool new orkut share button on the web pages on their website. In order to create a orkut share button to embed on your website visit the link, and copy the button code in the text box and embed the website code. 

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