Add, Share Microsoft Office Documents With With Facebook Friends is a great new service launched by Microsoft, with which you can share word documents, excel spreadsheets and power point presentations etc. This service is right now in beta, we just got a mail that we are invited to be a beta tester for this service.

Today we will tell you how to upload Microsoft Office documents with and share it among your facebook friends. The only requirement for using this service is that you need to have a facebook account.

Follow the procedure below to know more

1. Go to and sign in without your facebook account, then click Add a Doc to add Microsoft Office documents


2. Choose the type of office file you would like to upload or create, once you have selected your choice


3. After creating the document, explore the options on the right tab which allows you to add more editors for this doc and viewers and you can also post about this document directly to your facebook wall.


Once you add people from your facebook friends they will receive notifications that you have shared a doc with them and as per their doc permissions they can either view or edit the document uploaded on facebook.

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