Add Second Image As Floating Wallpaper On Windows Desktop

Sometimes when we use wallpaper as a desktop background we have one limitation we can only use one image as a desktop background we cant use two images as a desktop background. In case we want to use two images as a desktop background then we will have to first edit the image in such a way that it contains both the images in the exact way that we want them to be and then set that image as a wallpaper which will take a lot of your time. This is not a permanent solution as this can be done only for the two images that you selected earlier and edited them to make one image, what if you again want to make one image from two images you will again have to select them, edit them and then set it as a wallpaper. In order to save you the trouble of doing this tedious process of editing the images that you want to set as wallpaper again and again I have got a tool for you named Overlap Wallpaper.

This application will help you to overlap your system’s wallpaper with one more image. You may overlap it with any image of your choice. The image can be of your beloved ones, a reminder, some phone numbers, some schedule or any random picture that you want. The software will allow you multiple advantages as you will be able to set your favorite wallpaper and then you can overlap it with any important image which can be of your beloved ones, a reminder, a schedule, some phone numbers or anything that you want.

Overlap Wallpaper 1

After you will download the application and start it for the first time you will find an icon of the Overlap Wallpaper in the system tray. The application does not require any installation it will run directly from the exe file. When you will right click on the application’s icon in the system tray a pop up menu for the application will open with options like Overlap Wallpaper, Settings, About and Exit.

Overlap Wallpaper 2

This is the window which will open when you will click on the first option which is the Overlap Wallpaper. Now when you will press OK button in the window the image that you have selected to overlap your wallpaper and will be displayed with the settings that you have done in the settings window.

Overlap Wallpaper 3

This is the window which will open when you will click on the Settings option. The window has a Browse option to select the image that you want to overlap. Then you have options like Photo Size, Photo transparency and Photo Position to modify the image that you want to overlap.

Download Overlap Wallpaper.

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