Add Right Click Context Menu Shortcut To Resize Large Images With Resize Image

Many times you want to send a picture via email but could not send as it take large amount of time to get upload due to its large size, here is a free tool which lets you add an extra shortcut to the right click context menu to decrease the size of any image by lowering down the resolution of the image.


In order to decrease the size of any image, you just need to select the image right click on it and then click the option Resize Image

After you select the image to be resized, you will see the message box to select the different lower resolution which again decreases the size to image by lowering the resolution so that you can send it more quickly via your internet connection to your friends.


Note: Select the resolution as per your choice, size will decrease more as per the lower resolution you select for the new resized image, this way you can quickly resize any image.

Download Resize Image

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