Add, Remove Twitter Search Results In Google Search

It depends on different users with different mind-sets some of them like to see the search results from twitter all the time when they search anything on google, but some of them gets annoyed by the twitter search results which got displayed under search results while searching.

However we have the solution for both of these types of users,

Compulsory Twitter Search Results In Google Search

Here is a simple userscript which you can directly install in google chrome browser and in case of Firefox you will need to first install greasemonkey extension. This userscript shows real-time search results from Twitter on Google search pages


Remove Twitter Results In Google Search

For all those who don’t want to see the annoying twitter search results under google search results can install this userscript which removes twitter tweets under google search results, procedure is installation is same as mentioned for the above userscript add twitter search results.

Note: Make sure that you install only one of the above script mentioned as per your requirement. 

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