Add Personalize Option In Windows 7 Starter Edition In Desktop Right Click Menu

We have mentioned many posts emphasizing about the need of personalization on your system, in Windows 7 you might have seen the option to create the custom themes with the help of your own collection of wallpapers on your computer, but in the Starter version of Windows 7 you cannot personalize your system at all. You will not even find the option of this feature in the context menu of the desktop. So, most of the users opt for using many other tool which can solve their purpose.


But I suppose that if you are given an 2 options, one of them is about a tool which can help you to create theme and then customize many personalization features on computer which is quite analogous to the one seen in the Ultimate version of Windows 7. On the other side, you are given another option to enable all the feature of Ultimate in Windows Starter edition with the help of a patch and thus use the features of your Operating System which were blocked initially in this version.

The link to download the patch has been mentioned below at the bottom of the post, after you download this patch extract it and then install it as soon as you launch that patch to install it, after sometime your computer, will shut down and then it will start to reboot, it will not give you any option to delay the rebooting by any amount of time. So, I will suggest you to save all the documents on your system, else you might lose some important content.

After it gets started you will not see any new application windows, but you will see that the personalization option has been enabled on your computer and now you will also be able to play with the aero effects which also have been enabled for the Starter version of this version of Windows. The size of this patch is around 300 KB and it will get installed quite quickly without showing any interface to you. We have used this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Started edition. So, if you face any issue then please let us know about it.

Download windows 7 starter aero patch

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