Add Password To View Images On Your Computer With PickAx

PicKAx is a free Secured Image Browser which allows you to load, view, print and save JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA and GIF files. You can also convert from any of these file types to the secure PickAx file. A PAX file is encrypted with a password that you choose, it can only be viewed if you know the right password for the secured image file.


Lets see how can you protect a image with password required to view it with PickAx Secured Image Browser

1. Run PickAx and open the image you want to protect password


2. Now click the button in the toolbar with a Save button and red colored key to add a password to the image and save it.


3. Now Enter the password which will be required to open or view the image in PickAx 


4. Specify the folder where you want to store the new protected image file


5. Now you will see the secured image created in the folder where you had specified the password protected image to be saved.


Please Note: Once you protect any image with password, it will be stored in the new PAX format which is recognised by PickAx Image Browser. The PAX format provides lossless compression of images by using technology similar to that used in PNG files. This means that the image files will be small but without loss of image detail. Security is provided by the well-known and trusted Blowfish encryption algorithm.

Download PickAx Secured Image Browser

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