Add or Upload Photos, Videos To Facebook Profile and Album With Bloom

Bloom is a freeware multiple platform supported facebook photo uploader which works on windows, mac os and Linux. It allows you to upload your photo, videos and profile pictures very easily and quickly, moreover you can download your friends facebook albums and friend photos with this application.


You can either upload to the existing photos to a new or existing facebook album, you can tag them and you can view your friends photos. [ as shown in the image below ]


Following are some key features of Bloom

1. Upload photos and videos to Facebook which includes tagging people: (more than 200 photos supported and privacy)
2. Import custom photo Exif info into the photo caption
3. Download albums from Facebook
4. View your friends photos
5. Save individual photos
6. Support for uploads behind a Proxy server

Download Bloom For Windows or Mac or Linux | Facebook ToolsFacebook Desktop Chat Client, Facebook Client For iPhone  

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