Add or Remove Programs In Startup Windows With Startup Programs Manager

With time you may observe windows loading slow, mostly this is due to the useless startup programs which gets added to windows startup when you install them, In order to keep your system faster you might need to some not used or less used programs from startup.

Startup Programs Manager is a very simple to use, free program which allows you to add and remove applications from startup folder in windows.

Startup Programs Manager

In order to remove a program in startup, just click that program in the program interface shown above and click the button Remove Selected Program. When you want to add a program in windows startup you can click the button Add New Program. Similarly we had written a tip on way to add anything program or folder shortcut in startup through Send To menu

Now browse and locate a program executable to add to system startup, as shown in the image below.


We have already written some tips on optimizing windows startup like Display Programs In Windows Startup, Change Startup Type Of Windows Services and how to make Startup Programs Load After Windows Boot and Windows Startup Tasks That Start Automatically

This application works on all the versions of windows including 32 bit and 64 bit too, we have tested it on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, it worked perfectly fine. We hope you will find this utility useful.

Download Startup Programs Manager

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