Add or Remove Items In Start Menu In Windows 7 [ Applies All Windows ]

Start Menu in windows is a place from where a windows user starts to understand how does windows operating system works, Start menu in windows 7 or other windows version shows several items like username pointing to user directory, link to my documents, link to my pictures, link to music folder and other links to other items like control panel, run, search etc as shown in the image below.


However you can easily customize the start menu items and remove the entries which you don’t use and add link to those folders which you open use in windows. Follow the procedure below to customize start menu items.

1. Right click the Start Menu orb button and the click Properties, now taskbar and start menu properties will open up.


2. Click on Start Menu tab and then click customize button.


As shown in the above screenshot of start menu properties, you can specify which items you would like show or which one you don’t want to display on start menu, click ok once you are done.

Note: We have just elaborated the whole process of customizing the start menu with windows 7, however some what similar is the procedure for other windows versions also.


  1. Jack says

    In Windows 7, how can I remove the “music” and “picture” option from the right panel of the start menu? When I right click on them, there’s no option to remove or delete (as some forums suggest). When I go to the start menu customize menu, everything else except those two are listed as something I can choose to “don’t display this item.” Can someone help?

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