Add or Delete More Home Screens On Samsung Wave GT S8500

Trying out samsung wave these days, will be posting a detailed review soon till then. We are posting some tips on samsung wave, Recently we posted about how can you take screenshots of current screen on samsung wave, today we will tell you another trick to add more home screen.

Follow the procedure below to add or delete more home screens on samsung wave 

In order to add more screens, tap widget text on the home screen


and then rotate the phone to landscape orientation


Now tap on the add sign shown in the image above to add more screens on your samsung wave, please not that you can have maximum 10 home screens on your samsung wave phone.  


  1. TechyMind.IN says

    Hey Bro,

    I am planning to buy this samsung wave please suggest whether i should buy it or not

  2. Manu says

    thanks a lot for this post.. I was searching for this option ..Thank you so much. BTW can you tell me how to use the front camera of wave? I know it will come into action automatically during video call.. But can I use it while im not in a video call ?

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