Add Option To Post, Upload Pictures To Facebook, Twitter In Native Photos App [For Jailbroken Devices]

There are times when you may realize that you should be able to share a photo or picture from iphone to twitter or facebook through the direct native photos app with which you see all the pictures on your iphone.


This way you are not required to use any app which will select a photo from iphone photo gallery and then upload it to facebook or twitter, but rather you just need to select a photo in photo gallery on iphone and select to upload it to facebook or twitter as shown in the image below.


The app you will need to install from cydia for this is called FB Uploader which is paid app you will find under BigBoss repo for $ 1.99 which worthy enough to as per all the functionalities provided by this extension.


This extensions does not only allows you to upload a picture on facebook but you can upload to twitter or tumblr as well as shown in the image below.


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