Add old Word 2003 classic menu layout to Word 2007

I have been using office 2007 for sometime now and become quite used to the know how, features and tools location in Microsoft Word 2007.

With Office 2007 released the old classic menu layout which includes File | Edit | View and so on is replaced by the new web 2.0 tabbed ribbon interface which includes Home | Insert | Page Layout and so on ( as shown in the image below).


But, I have seen lot of people wasting so much time to actually locate different features like Format ,Tool and Table etc which appears simply in the old classic word 2003 menu layout.

Let’s see how can you restore the old classic word 2003 menu layout in word 2007.

There is a small program called MS Word 2007 Ribbon to Old Classic Menu Toolbar Interface Software 7.0 which lets you apply the old classic menu layout in word 2007 (as shown in the image below).


Download MS Word 2007 Ribbon to Old Classic Menu Toolbar Interface Software

If you want to apply old classic menu to other applications of office download Classic Menu for Word, Excel®, Access TM, Outlook® and PowerPoint® 2007 from here


  1. mark says

    anyone know if there’s one of these for Excel 2007 too? Those ribbons make things take twice as long.

  2. Mac says

    Would have been great but for it charging you $20 to get it functional, this really should be share/free ware!

  3. Stacy says

    I agree with Mac, this ribbon should be freeware! $20?? For something I just bought, to make it look like what I thought I was getting?

    I don’t like this Word format, it’s for babies with all the pictures. I spent a lot of years learning Microsoft Office products. I wish they’d have improved functionality and added features instead of just making it look like something a 2nd grader could use.

  4. Dipak says

    Why pay for the damn thing when you can get a free one. Im using it and it works fine.
    MS must of been listening to total noobs and idiots to come up with this ribbon interface. They did not once think about experienced people. They should of designed it so you can toggle between traditional and ribbon.

    Anyways rant over. Go and google WordMenus and you will see for yourself you can get office 2003 menu for free (works as a addin)

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