Add Multiple Images In Windows Live Writer As Inline Images or Upload To Windows Live Gallery

Windows Live Writer is one such amazing blog publishing tool which has really changed the way I use to publish posts on all my blogs, I have been using windows live writer 2009 version 14.0.8064.206 but never knew that I can add multiple images in single go just by selecting all the images click copy for all and then when I pasted into windows live writer it present the following dialog box. Previously we had written about how to save windows live writer settings, portable windows live writer, install windows live writer on old windows computer and Live Writer Plugin To Zip Files 


I was amazed to see this dialog box as it saved me so much time of adding all these images one by one, it gives two options the first one is to add these images in the current post as inline images or you can upload them all to your windows live account Live Photo Album.

This small tip of inserting multiple images in windows live writer could also save your time, if you are using windows live writer as a primary blog publishing client for your blogs and websites.

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