Add More Programs To Open A File In Open With Options In Windows 7 Or Later

Whenever in windows we open a file which can be a song, video or a picture, we get an Open With dialog box in which we have to select a right application to open the picture or to play the song or the video. The software that I am going to tell you about today is OpenWith Enhanced. This software will replace your Windows Open With a more improved, enhanced and intuitive Open With Dialog box. The software instead of just giving you a list of application installed inside windows, gives you the best application choice to open the file with. It also gives you the list of the most popular application used by past users to open that type of a file.

OpenWith Enhanced 1

This is the new Open With window that you will get after installing the OpenWith Enhanced application. You can see the list of all the programs choices that you will get to open the file. The Open With Enhanced has several options that can be used like the manage its Open With menu, settings and remove this association.

OpenWith Enhanced 2

When you click on manage its Open With menu link the above window will open, which will give you all the options as well as the most popular option that is used to open the file that you have selected to open.

OpenWith Enhanced 3

This is the settings options that you will get when you will click on the settings link on the top right hand corner of the Open With Enhanced Window. The settings window has the options to change the Background color and Label color for the installed and not installed applications.

OpenWith Enhanced 4

The above window will be opened when you will click on the remove this association link in the Open With Enhanced Window. The settings window gives you the option to remove the extension association of the selected file for the current user or to remove it from the registry itself.

The software provides several other options to you like changing the icon associated with a file. You can also Disable or Remove a particular file association for a particular user with in the limits of the UAC (User Account Control). You can clear the Open With menu of the unneeded applications. The software works for both x86 and x64 version of windows.

Download OpenWith Enhanced.

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