Add More Photos To Old Facebook Photo Album Already Created

There was a times when many of my friends asked me how can they add more photos to an existing facebook photo album which they had already created in the past, previously facebook did not allowed adding more photos to an existing facebook album as it’s a one time thing you can do when it comes to adding photos to a facebook album, which can be done only in the beginning when facebook photo album is created.

Now facebook has enabled this feature after so many requests and feedback, now you can add more photos to an existing facebook old photo album irrespective of when you have created the album on facebook, follow the procedure below to know how.

1. Go to and login with the facebook account with which you created the photo album

2. Navigate to your facebook profile by clicking your name, now click photos and then locate the facebook photo album as shown in the image below.

facebook photo albumsn

3. Click the photo album in which you want to add more photos, it will redirect you the photo album page where you will see the option to add more photos to the existing facebook photo album.

add more photos to facebook album

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