Add More Options In Open Save Dialog Box Windows

Whenever we open or browse a file or a folder, then we don’t have all the desirable options inside that application window. If we want to keep the record of the folders from which we opened a file or if we want that I should mark some of the favorite folders, so that every time whenever I am directed to the default folder location then within a singe click I can reach the desired folder then we cannot have them in the normal application window. But, I have a freeware named as Flash Folder that can do all these things by creating a tool bar on the top of the application window. Let’s see how???

This tool is used to extend some common dialogues in the application window for opening or saving a file, for browsing a file and for many other similar operations. It will do this by allotting a tool bar over the application window in which there will be many options for selecting the favorite folders, to check the recently used folders, to view all the files whether they are related to that application or not and few more. For each options there is an icon allotted on that toolbar.


The size of this toll is very small i.e. 514Kb, so it gets installed very quickly and it will not create any shortcut either on your desktop or in the startup menu. You can only see the presence of this tool whenever you open a file or you save a file through an application. On the toolbar, you can indentify the purpose of each icon with the help of a tooltip like a star icon is used to assign the favorite folders, so similarly rest of them can be identified.

To the right of all the icons there is an address bar, which will obviously show the path of the folder but you will see, that this option is never available in the normal application window. There is an icon in that toolbar which is allotted for the settings of that tool, as you can change the default size of the application window or you can assign the shortcuts for all the extra operations which are performed by this tool.

I was completely satisfied by the performance of this tool, so I recommend this for every one, especially those work on MS word or any other similar application, whole day.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows till Windows XP, as it has been checked on Windows XP.

Download Flash Folder Beta

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