Add More Features In Windows Shell With SecondShell

SecondShell is free portable software which allows you to add various new features, providing useful enhancements for the Windows shell with some extra help to netbook users.


SecondShell Key Additions To Windows

  • Maximize windows Horizontally or Vertically
    • When you either need longer lines or more rows, but not full screen – customizable hotkeys.
  • Move and resize windows easily
    • While pressing ALT, click anywhere in the window and drag the mouse to move.
    • While pressing ALT, right-click anywhere in the window and drag the mouse to resize. Works also with not resizable windows!
  • Minimize and close applications easily
    • Right-click anywhere in the window titlebar to minimize the window.
    • Middle-click anywhere in the window titlebar to close the application.
  • Use up to 10 custom hotkeys to launch your frequently used application
    • Hotkeys and application paths can be set in the configuration file.
  • Change the CapsLock button into middle mouse button
    • Useful for netbook users, can be disabled in the configuration file if not needed.
  • Disable and enable SecondShell with a hotkey or by double-clicking the tray icon if you need the original shell behaviour temporarily.

All these additions to windows are very useful, in managing and doing other things more productively and moreover this application is completely portable so it does not modify any settings and runs directly through its executable.

Note: This application can be easily disabled or suspended while running by double clicking the system tray icon of the application itself. 

Download SecondShell

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