Add More Cleaning Options In CCleaner With CCleaner Enhancer

CCleaner is one of the most popular program which helps you speed up your computer operational speed, by cleaning or deleting the temp files which keep on using the disk space and also sharing the system resources for no good reason and slowing down your computer more and more day by day.


I have been using CCleaner from a long time, I run it when ever I think my system is running slow, it runs for some time and then tells me about the memory it had cleaned up,  and then after that system becomes more responsive.

CCleaner Enhancer is a latest small little app which adds new cleaning options in CCleaner, so that it becomes more effective in cleaning history and deleting temp files being created by lot more other third party softwares you have installed on your computer.


This app will add more new cleaning options under the applications tab in CCleaner program interface, once all these new options related to different programs gets added in CCleaner it becomes more powerful and effective.

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