Add Items, Shortcuts In Right Click Send To Menu

More often, there is a need to transfer some of the files and folders to other places of the computer. For this, either we use copy & paste method or use ‘send to’ option present in the right-click menu. The ‘send to’ option is a very convenient way but it contains only few options in it to which we can directly transfer files and folders.


Most of us will not be knowing that we can actually enhance the send to menu manually according to our need. In windows 9x and xp, it was very easy to achieve it but in windows 7 and vista, it has become a little trickier.

Actually, the items in the Sendto menu are links stored in a folder labeled “Sendto”. The Sendto folder used to be located in the “Documents and Settings” folder under each user name in win 9x and xp but in vista and Windows 7, it is buried deeply in the “UsersYournameAppData” folder, which is normally a hidden folder.

For this, i will suggest you a method to add items in the sendto menu in widows 7 and vista.

at first, you just hold the ‘windows’ key in your keyboard and click ‘R’ key to open the run. Here, write ‘%appdata%’ and click ‘ok’.


It will take you to the folder ‘roaming’. But you have to go further in the folder ‘Microsoft’ then, windows’ then, ‘Sendto’ just like this. Here, you will see the shortcuts in the sendto folder. Now, you just have to copy & paste your own shortcuts so that you can do your work smoothly.


You can not only add shortcuts to applications, but also shortcuts to folders, drives and network locations. You can even add shortcuts to batch files that will perform specific actions on files.

Also, read about a tool on Add Useful Options To Enhance Send To Menu which will do the same job with just few clicks but still you should know how to do it manually and definitely ‘sendto menu’ is a nice feature when you know about its secrets.

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