Add, Integrate Sticky Notes With MS Outlook

Sticky Notes is the inbuilt application of Windows 7 which can be used to save your ideas, or write some text which you want to see while working on your computer. But the problem with this application is that you can’t keep your notes always visible to you i.e this Sticky Notes are always on desktop screen but when you open a program or application you cant see them at that time.

So if you want to keep your notes always visible to you while working on any application, you can use a tool called DeskNotes. This tool is just like Sticky Notes and it gives you a option to keep your notes Always on Top or to keep them only on your desktop screen. DeskNotes will not only allow you to create a text note but will also allow to create reminders and even synchronize your notes with MS Outlook.

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This is a freeware tool and is very simple to use. Initially this tool will ask you to enter location for Data file and Archive file as you can see above. The archive directory will allow to search your notes easily even if you have very large archives by using different filters.

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This is how you will see a windows when you open this tool. You can write anything on this note just like your sticky notes. When you will right click on this tool you will see the following menu.

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You can set your note as Always on Top if you want to keep your note in front of you even when you open any application. You can also drag this note by pressing ctrl key and then you can drag this note to any part of your screen so that it wont disturb you while working. Hide will minimize your note in the system tray. You can create any number of notes by right click on this tool from the system tray and then click on new note.

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You can save your note by clicking on save option or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S. The next option is Archive option. You can add all your notes in this option. Archive will allow you to quickly search you notes.

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You can see that I have achieved 3 of my notes. Similarly you can archive any number of notes. You can find your note by clicking on search tab and writing the type of that note. So it will quickly find your saved note.

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You can even copy your note with MS Outlook by clicking on Copy to Outlook option. If you want to synchronize all you notes with Outlook then right click on this tool from system tray and then click on synchronize all option. After synchronizing your notes to outlook you can access them from other devices like other computer, your cell phone etc. You can not only create notes but also create reminders using this tool. To create a reminder, just right click on note and then click on Reminder.

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Then you need to Enter the Date and time for the reminder. After that your reminder will be set. When the specified time elapses, you will be intimated by a small system tray message as you can see in image.

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All desk notes for which reminders have gone off are crossed. You also have to choose an action for the missed reminders, such as Dismiss, Dismiss All or Close.

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The others options available in this tool when you right click are Formatting, Opacity and Print. Formatting will allow you to change font, style, colour,add bullets and numbering etc. in your note. Opacity will allow you to set opacity of the window of this tool. You can set this tool’s opacity from 0% to 100%. And if you want to print any of your note, you can use the Print option.

The size of this tool is 1.98 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7-32 bit edition with 2.8GHz processor and 1Gb RAM.

Download DeskNotes

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