Add Indian Rupee Font In MS Office Word [ For Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 ]

We told you about the new indian rupee symbol, how can you type indian rupee symbol using an English keyboard and how does indian rupee symbol originated. Today we will tell you about how can you install the indian rupee font in ms office word so that you can easily type using the indian rupee font symbol.


There are times when you might need to type in MS Office word using indian rupee font, with the indian rupee font installer you can simply add the indian rupee font in ms office word

You can download the installer from here  which automatically installs the indian rupee font and it under fonts in Microsoft Office Word application and other office tools which uses fonts.

[ Note: This installer is in a rar archive, you might need trail version if winrar or 7-zip to extract the installer ]

Once the font is installed, you will see this indian rupee font as Rupee Foradian font in words font while you select the font options drop which lists all the font installed on your computer, this whole procedure does not require restart but if the font does not show up then you can try restarting your computer.

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