Add Hyper Link URLs In Live Writer From Auto Link List and Previous Posts

Windows Live Writer has been such amazing blog editor, since the time I started using windows live writer I never or very rarely used wordpress editor interface for my blogs. We had written several windows live writer tips previously.

Today we will tell you how to avoid typing the repeated link URLs which you add frequently in many windows live writer posts. 

For example we often link to various tags and related categories while writing a post. In such a case when you select a word or a phrase and then select to link by pressing Ctrl + k keys then you see the hyperlink dialog as shown below.

Now click the drop down Link To – you can either select to add a link directly from auto link list or any previous post, we have take the example of auto link list.


Now select the link list URL you want to add to a word or a phrase without typing


and click ok 2 to add this link for the selected word or phrase

live writer tips 

Note: Similarly you can add link to previous post you have written before.

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    i need one tool for name more links at once

    i need for hide links from rapidshare in my blog

    here in photo is example

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