Add Google Guru To Solve Your Queries Via Google Chat

After reading the title you must have got an Idea, that how Google can provide the ease to their users to search anything whenever they want. Now you can ask some of the small quires over your chat list in GMail or I should say that for small queries there is no need of you to go to Google Search engine, in this post we will tell you the steps which are to be followed and then you will be able to perform the search for some of the queries right in your chat last on GMail. image

If you want to check the climatic conditions or you want to know about the exact temperature in that area, if you want to convert an amount from one unit to another (whether it is related to currency or distance or any other category), if you want to know the score updates of any match happening around the world., then you will just have to type the command in the chat box and then you will know the exact result. You will have to type the e-mail address of Google Guru as and then invite your Google Guru for Chat and then it will be always online and available for your queries. As you can see in the screenshot, I have converted 229 USD to Indian National Rupees. You will get the list of all the command anywhere on Internet rather you will have to try on your own by giving the commands in the chat box and then you can see the result, if the command is unknown to Google Guru then it will revert back with an error message or it will suggest you the command which you should have typed. It is really helpful, if you want to use the calculator and is you are on GMail then you will just have to type that equation in the chat box and then you will get the answer. They have just started with this service and I suppose that as the time passes they will make that chat box more precise for the user, so they directly put any search keyword without worrying about its keyword pattern. I hope that you will find this tips useful, please let us know about your views by putting them as comments.

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