Add Google Buzz To Google Chrome

We had previously posted about a google chrome addon which lets you add google buzz to google chrome, but it only allows you to read the buzz being posted by people you are following, you cannot post your google buzz updates from the same. Some other tips about google chrome which we have posted are Google Buzz Desktop Application, What All You Can Do With Google Buzz, How To Make Buzz Post Disappear From Your Google Buzz Stream and Google Buzz Extension For Google Chrome

Buzzter is a google chrome extension which allows you to integrate google buzz in google chrome, it will add mobile version of google buzz to google chrome. [ as shown in the image below ]


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Following are some key features

1. Open, logout from any gmail account.
2. Login using your Google Apps for Domain account (
3. Google will take you to a “Sign up for Gmail”-page. Close Gmail, DO NOT SIGN UP!
4. Buzzter should work now as you’ve got a valid gmail-cookie, but connected to a google apps for domains account.

Install Buzzter In Google Chrome

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