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With digital cameras now available in almost every house, we click so many pictures to keep the memory alive of the special moments may be of a birthday party, wedding or random pictures.

But all the pictures we click are not equally good. Some are not worth keeping whereas some are so good that we decide immediately to frame them. At this point, the problem arises.

Since, there are many frames of different sizes available in the market that first it becomes difficult to choose the right frame and after that to crop that clicked picture according to the frame.

For this problem of cropping the desired image according to the frame size, there is a freeware called Digital PhotoFramer which helps you in editing the pictures for your photo frame easily.

Digital PhotoFramer is a simple tool which helps us cut, crop, resize and rotate our pictures for display on a photo frame. This tool is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.

The application can be downloaded in the zip folder and has to be extracted before running. It does not need any installation so, you just have to run the application for starting your work.

The main window is simple and easy to use. You just have to browse for the images which you want to edit for your frame from the option provided at the top. You can edit many images at one time. You can also drag and drop the images which will save your time.


After that, you just have to set the frame size from the list of your desire. You can also set your own frame size in the custom option. You can also rotate the pictures by 90 degrees if you want.


After that, you jut have to select the output folder where you want the pictures to be saved so that you can get their print out easily. You can give the random names of the pictures by enabling the option otherwise they will be saved with the same name.

After all the settings,  you just have to select the option ‘Start’ which will take a few minutes and your process will be done.


The images will be saved at the desired folder and the cropped images will appear like this.


The option of ‘preview’ in the main window does not work. It does not show the image preview when we select different frame sizes which creates a bit of problem while selecting the proper frame size for an image.


Download Digital PhotoFramer

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