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Whenever I download anything from internet it goes to a download folder, once in a week I try to put all the stuff from Download folder to their respective folder in my other drive. Now this consumes lots of time, especially when the size of the files are not large and they are many in number. Now to transfer them you will have to manually cut them and then after reaching to a certain location you will have to paste them. This sometimes gets annoying also, when you keep on doing this for a longer period of time.


To get rid of this problem, I will be sharing a tool named as ‘SendToSendTo’, now this tool will help you to send all the files to a certain location within few clicks. When you go the context menu of any of the file or folder, you will find a ‘Send-To’ option there, which will give you certain options to send that file to that location. This tool mentioned above will give you an option to make custom links in the Send To and thus you will be able to send any file on your computer at any other location on your system.


After you install this tool, you are supposed to go to any folder which you want to use often for the storage of any file, go to its context menu and then under the Send To option, click the ‘Add here’, which has been added in the context with the help of the tool, Now after you click that option, it will ask you to enter the name for that particular location. And then next time when you will reach out to the context menu of any of the file on your system you will see the name of that folder under the ‘Send To’ Drop list, this has been shown above in the screenshot. This way you can add all the folders which are used most of the times to store most of the downloaded files music, videos, application and more.

The size of this tool is around 136KB and unluckily it is not portable, we have used this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any problem then please let us know about it.

Download SendToSendTo

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