Add Folder Links In Places Bar In Windows With Places Utility

Places Utility is a simple free to use utility which lets you place custom folder links in the places bar in windows save as dialog box, by default provides five places to save your files at History, My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and Network.


But when it could a great trouble for people who want to save files at some other places which could be a different folder altogether, then they normally end up browsing the folders each time they save the files though save as dialog box.

Places utility allows you to customize the folder links in the places bar.


Here is how a customised save as dialog box will look like after replacing the locations where you can save files instantly with save as dialog box.


Note: This program does not work under Windows 95,98,Me.

You can also use tweak UI with windows xp for the same purpose, but this works for windows 7 and vista too.

Download Places Utility

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