Add Flash Charts In MS PowerPoint Easily With Oomfo Add-on

When we make presentations in MS PowerPoint, usually the charts we use are powered by Microsoft Graph and are very boring which sometimes make our presentations dull.

In solution to this, there is a free PowerPoint add-on called oomfo which can spice up your presentations with different types of flashy charts.

With oomfo, you can create visually stunning and animated charts for PowerPoint presentations. It also offers various different types of charts like funnel chart, logarithmic charts and many more.

Oomfo is compatible with Microsoft office 2010, 2007 and 2003. It also requires requires Adobe Flash Player to view the chart. After installation, it will appear in the PowerPoint 2007 toolbar like this.


For selecting the chart, click on the ‘Insert chart’ option which will open a new window of oomfo which provides various easy options for selecting your chart for your presentation.

The first one is the ‘Chart type’ which offers you to select the chart type with the preview of each selected chart on the right side.


After selecting the type of chart, you have to add the data for it in the option ‘Chart data’. It is very easy to add data in it. You can also use external data using the option of ‘Paste external data’.


You can choose various styles for your chart in the option of ‘Chart cosmetics’. You can also create your own style for making your chart stunning in the option of ‘Create Styles’. You can also customize the present styles according to your requirement using the option of ‘customize’.


You can also put the data in the chart accordingly in the option of ‘Data properties’. For example, if you want the data to be put inside the data plot or how you want to display the data labels and many more.


The setting of axis and titles can be done in the option ‘axis and titles’. In the option ‘Divisional lines’, the setting of y-axis minimum and maximum values can be done. Also, it provides you the option of choosing the number, color, thickness and transparency of grid lines.


Similarly, you can also create trend lines which help in highlighting certain values on the chart scale in the option of ‘Trend lines’. After all the settings, you just have to click ‘Finish’ and your created chart will be added to your presentation slide.

The animated chart will add more beauty to the slide and will force the viewers to pay attention to your presentation.

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