Add Favorite Programs In Desktop Right Click Context Menu reader tlm has created a small registry script which lets you add Control panel, MSConfig, Registry Editor, Services Manager and Other Useful Shortcuts in desktop right click context menu and same options will be there in my computer context menu. We have written some related tips on Toggle Hidden Files Via Context Menu Right Click, Toggle Hide File Extensions Via Right Click Context Menu, Add Programs In Right Click Context Menu and how to solve Explorer hangs on right click and how to edit Edit Windows Explorer Menu and Internet Explorer Menu

Here is how context menu looks like after these additions of quick shortcuts


Installation of this script is very simple and you just need to download the zip, extract and double click the file named Add Control Panel, Task Manager and Other Shortcuts.reg and double click Uninstall.reg when ever you want to remove these shortcuts.

Note: This small registry scripts applies to Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download The Scripts Zip Archive From


  1. Adrian says

    Is there anybody checking the links placed on this site?! There are plenty of them and seems that nobody gives a damn about it!
    For instance the above script can be found no more on that provided link!

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