Add Extra Tab In Explorer File Properties To Display Detailed Information About Files

For the users who spend most of their time on sound editing tools like Sonic Foundry or any other tool used for mixing the music or playing with them, have a need to get extensive details about the music file available on their computer, not only music files but they need to have detailed information regarding most of the media files on the system. Obviously, Windows cannot help them in this matter and so to get information about some of the unknown parameters of the music file, they use certain tools which might prove to be heavy.


Today in this post I will be telling you about a tool with the help of which you can do the needful mentioned above. After you install this tool, you will not have to launch it every time if you want to get some deep details about a music file. After its installation, whenever you will open the context menu, you will find a tab named as ‘Media Tab’, which will have all the information which can be required by a Sound engineer regarding a media file.


The information listed by the tool is further divided into three tabs Text, Tree and ‘About’. You can observe that the content in Text and Tab is same, but they differ in the way in which the data is represented. Under the tree tab you will find that data has been represented in form of a hierarchy. Now there are some buttons which provide you the option to copy or to export this data to a notepad file.

When you want to see use this tool, then you are supposed to click the ‘Analyze’ button which will list out all the details of that particular media file. now if you still want to go deeper in the details then you can click the ‘Advanced’ button which will add something more to the Basic details of the media files. The size of this tool is around and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so if you face any problem while using then please let us know.

Download Media Tab


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