Add Extra Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows 7

Today, We will be reviewing a tool which is known as Gridy Help will be very helpful for the users who are supposed to do loads of work on their system. You can take my example whenever I am supposed to write a news, I try to go through maximum number of blogs and other related webpages which can be fruitful to include all the relevant information. So, you can imagine the scene at my desktop. Everything will be hasty and it becomes very difficult to pick the correct pages out of all the opened pages. It is generally a habit that unknowingly we close the applications or the pages which are not using at that time.

I have already reviewed many tools which can help you to easily open the files on your system, to do maximum amount of your work easily with the help of your mouse and few more. But this small tool will help you concentrate and to perform some actions like resizing, moving and few more with the application window which is being used currently. You can see the setting in the form of a notepad file by clicking on the .INI file option in the application window.

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This tool can perform many features like it can help you to move the currently used application Window with the help of the Windows key and the up/down arrow keys, you can also resize the application window with the help of a combination of Windows key and the mouse click, you can also minimize all the applications and the other webpages which are not used currently but they are to be used at any moment of time, by just pressing 2 keys i.e. Windows key and page Down key.

You can make this tool to appear always on the top by an option which can be altered by pressing Windows key and F12 key. It can perform many other functions like making the current Window transparent, resizing the Window to a small size, opening the applications which are pined on the taskbar without even using a click and few more. All the operations can be seen from the application window.

The size of this tool is very small i.e. around 300Kb and moreover this tool is portable so once you launch it,, it will be minimized on to the tray and then you can access it from there. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

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