Add, Export Facebook Events In Google Calendar [Google Chrome]

As we all know, social networking on the internet has become almost a part of our life. Various social networking websites are available which comes with lots and lots of features for the users and the number of users on these websites increases in number very quickly. Facebook among thee websites is definitely one of the most popular one and is currently being used by a large number of users. Along with the various features that are provide by the Facebook, one of its feature named as Facebook events which may be virtual or otherwise real have also become one of the popular feature accessed by the large number of users. It is basically a quick and convenient tool for inviting friends and family to an event which is either being organized by you or simply your sending request for some other event.


You might have noticed that this particular functionality has proven to be a great help in organizing events like get-together, functions and maintaining a list of guests for a party. So, in order to remember these events or some meetings one would definitely like to add these with the other utility or services like Google Calendar. So, in order to do so we recommend you one of the extensions provided by Google for its browser Google Chrome.


Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar is a Chrome extension that simply adds up your Facebook events to the Google Calendar. In order to try out this functionality that the Google is providing with Google Chrome, simply install it from the link given below. After installing it, you may observe that the extension simply adds an Add to Calendar option to an event page. This extension doesn’t allow you to export your Facebook events in bulk, rather you’ll have to move one at a time but still it’s saves your time nonetheless. It exports all the information linked with the events such as the event name, time, date, location and description to Google Calendar and along with it this smart extension adds a link to the event page on Facebook for the particular entry made in the Google Calendar.


Although, this extension doesn’t add much for you in terms of making your work easier but still it may prove to be useful for those who often tends to forget these events or meetings. So, in order to try out this extension and its functionality simply install it in your computer and add all your Facebook events to Google Calendar.

Install Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar For Chrome


For Browsers Other Than Google Chrome

Just in case if you don’t use google chrome, you can us the following procedure

  1. In Facebook, go to your EVENTS page.
  2. At the top of that page click EXPORT EVENTS
  3. You’ll get a pop up window with a URL, copy it.
  4. In Google Cal, on the bottom left you’ll see ‘Other Calendars’ and below that a link to ADD. Click ADD
  5. One of the new options you’ll be presented with is ADD BY URL, select that
  6. Paste the URL from Facebook where it asks for it.
  7. That’s it.

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