Add, Embed Official Original Tweet Button From Twitter

Twitter has recently provided the official tweet button which can be used to embed in blogs and website, it allows easy direct sharing of any webpage, blog article or any tool you found on web. As is now there are third party buttons like tweetmeme which allows you to do the same, but now webmasters can embed the official tweet button on their websites for quick and easy sharing of content through twitter.

Follow the instructions below to generate the twitter tweet button code, which you can later embed to your website page or blog.

1. Open twitter official tweet button generator page at this link, and then select the type of button from different types like Button, Tweet text and specify the URL of the page if it is specific to a page as shown in the image below.


2. In the next section while scrolling down the page, you can add people to be mentioned in the tweet when this button is used, you can add upto 2 people – that means two twitter ids as shown in the image below.


3. Now you can preview the button, and test it too just by clicking on this page, once you have tested it copy the code and add to your blog or website page so that readers can use this button to share interesting post with this button.


Here is a small preview of the twitter tweet button action


If you want to build a custom button for your site? Check out our developer documentation for the Sharing API to provide the same Tweet Button sharing functionality with your own style.


  1. OVZ says

    Not all but many unofficial tweets buttons were not up to the mark. I personally used to loose the tweet counts on my blog with out any reason what so ever,uff so disgusting.I hope this official tweet button indeed make things simpler and dont have to face any such problems anymore.

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