Add, Display Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles In Windows 7 With Pulmon

Some days back we posted about how can you have windows 8 style start screen in windows 7 as desktop wallpaper or default screen when you login to your windows 7 system, you can read our guide here. Today we will tell you how to add or display windows 8 start screen tiles in windows 7.

In order to see windows 8 like tiles on your desktop on windows 7, you can install the freeware software called Pulmon which add Windows 8 widgets to your desktop. Pulmon is a great application which brings Windows 8 like metro tiles in Windows 7.

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It gives you various options to add as tiles such as Internet Explorer, User etc. Internet Explorer adds a beautiful tile on desktop. Clicking on it will open IE. The best thing about these tiles are you can place on your desktop anywhere you like to as shown in the image below.

windows 7 tiles

Some other commands of tiles are following:
– Clicking “User” tile will open a User Widget. If you want to open User Accounts, double-click on the green place of tile or double-click on User Avatar. There are many tweaks available for user tile. Right click on the tile and click options. You can choose “Take User Avatar from Windows System” or choose custom avatar.

Control Panel – Clicking Control Panel tile will load control panel widget. You can open Control Panel by clicking on its tile. Its currently not more than a tile. It will get some features in next versions.

Clock – Pulmon will provide you a very cool widget “Clock”. It will show you time, month and day of the week. Some new tweaks will be provided to you in the next versions

Shutdown Manager - It’s a very easy to use widget which will allows you to control over you pc with one click. Shutdown, Restart, Log Off and Hibernate’s Options are given. Please note that some of the features are not working.

Webby - Webby is another good widget which provides you quick access to websites.

Download Pulmon from here

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