Add, Display Twitter Tweets Stream To Website or Blog

There are many ways with which you can embed twitter tweets stream on your blog, but most of them have a bad widget design and some times these widgets may stop fetching the tweets. Today we will tell you about a simple script which you can embed which directly fetches all the tweets which has the specified twitter id which you have specified.

Following is the code given below, you can add to sidebar or any other page of your blog – you will need to change search term – with your twitter id and change the subject – which will be the title shown at the top of the widget.

<script src=""></script> 
new TWTR.Widget({
  version: 2,
  type: 'search',
  search: '@technixupdate',
  interval: 6000,
  title: '',
  subject: 'Tweets From TechnixUpdate',
  width: 300,
  height: 330,
  theme: {
    shell: {
      background: '#F6F6F6',
      color: '#666666'
    tweets: {
      background: '#F6F6F6',
      color: '#4d4d4d',
      links: '#1985b5'
  features: {
    scrollbar: false,
    loop: true,
    live: true,
    hashtags: false,
    timestamp: false,
    avatars: true,
    behavior: 'default'

Optionally you can change the width and height if required to be changed, a snapshot of the tweets stream is shown below after embedding the above code on the website.



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