Add, Display Text On Windows Desktop Wallpaper

Today, I will be telling you about a tool with the help of which you can put some claim on the wallpapers of your desktop. It is nothing but the fake watermark which you can put on your system. Now this is nothing but a simple to tool to personalize your desktop background. In this post we will talk more about this, as it has got some of the functionalities to put some good wallpaper suitable as per the desktop background.


You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above; where you will see that in the middle of the application window you type the text which you want to be pasted on the wallpaper of your system. It will not change the properties of your wallpaper by permanently pasting the text over it. Now after you type the text, you can press the button Show Text where it is available.


You will find that the text will be pasted on the left hand side of the screen, you will know that there are not alignment keys to put your text in the middle of the screen, you will have to use spaces for that. Now you change the font and the color of the text, so that it should be visible against the desktop background.

Initially, the color of the text will be white and more over the way it will be printed on your screen is not that appealing, moreover to me it did not felt good keeping that text over the background, this is because the way it is posted on the screen is not good looking, it seems as a low quality image has been pasted on your system.

This tool is portable so after downloading the tool when you will launch it then you will not show up, rather you will have to take a look at the taskbar tray, where it will be minimized with a small icon, now if you want to see the application window mentioned high above in the screenshot then you will have to go the context menu of that icon and then choose the option named ‘Edit Text’, the same window will appear as discussed above, which will help you to make the changes. The tool has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and its size is less than 80 KBs, so if you face any issue while using this tool then please let us know.

Download Fake Watermark

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