Add Cut, Copy & Other Old Toolbar Options Buttons In Windows 7 Explorer With CustomExplorerToolbar

Windows explorer was used to display cut, copy, paste and other useful toolbar buttons like redo, slide show in explorer toolbar but with time people learned all the keyboard shortcut for performing these basics windows operating system tasks, you can see a preview of how windows explorer was used to look like in windows xp as shown in the image below.

old windows explorer toolbar

Now if you look at the windows explorer in windows 7 its lot more changed and become more simple but has less visual features as shown in the image below.

new windows explorer toolbar

Now if you used to love the old style windows explorer toolbar there is way to at least add some button labels like cut, copy paste like the old windows explorer toolbar in the new windows 7 toolbar. CustomExplorerToolbar is small utility for Windows 7 only, which allows you to easily customize the toolbar of Windows Explorer, and add buttons that were existed in previous versions of Windows, like Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All, and more. This utility also allows you to remove the toolbar buttons that you previously added.

7-19-2011 4-45-52 PM

Please Note:

  • This utility only works on Windows 7. It doesn’t work on Windows Vista. Both 32-bit and x64 systems are supported.
  • Some buttons might not be displayed on Explorer toolbar, even if you added them with CustomExplorerToolbar tool.
  • This software change windows registry, so its recommended that you should backup registry before running this tool.

CustomExplorerToolbar updates the toolbar buttons list stored in TasksItemsSelected and TasksNoItemsSelected Registry subkeys, under the following Registry keys:

(Every key represents a different folder type)

These custom toolbar button are only added to some specific type folders like Pictures, Documents, Music, General Library, Generic Folders, Videos etc.  CustomExplorerToolbar has following options which you can understand below.

  • Action: Choose whether you want to add the selected buttons, or to remove the selected buttons. You can use the ‘remove’ action to remove the buttons that you previously added with the ‘add’ action.
  • Toolbar Mode: Choose when the selected buttons should be displayed: when one or more items are selected (In Windows Explorer) or when items are not selected.
  • Buttons List: Choose the buttons that you want to add or remove. Be aware that CustomExplorerToolbar displays all available Explorer buttons. However, some of them won’t be displayed on Explorer toolbar, even if you chose to add them.
  • Folder Types: Types of folder that will be affected. The most important folder type is ‘Generic’, which represents almost every file system folder. You can also choose to add or remove the toolbar buttons in the Documents/Music/Pictures/Video libraries of Windows Explorer.

In the following screenshot, you can see an example of Explorer window, after adding the Close, Copy, Cut, Paste, Properties, and Select All buttons with CustomExplorerToolbar utility.


This way with this freeware software, you can add all those familiar buttons and options just like windows explorer toolbar you have seen in windows xp.

Download CustomExplorerToolbar from here

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