Add Custom Windows 7 Logo Or Picture To Windows 7 Logon Screen

For all those Windows 7 users out there who still not had tried their hands at customizing the logon screen for the same, here are some simple steps that will take you there. It is basically divided into two aspects – (1) changing the Windows 7 Wallpaper and (2) Getting rid of the Windows branding all together.

We’ll take first up – How to change the Windows 7 Wallpaper. It involves the following steps :

Step#1 : download a little program called ‘logon editor’ here.

Step#2 :  extract that folder and then run the Logon Editor.exe file. A new Window will pop up where you can see what your current Windows 7 Logon Screen looks like.

Step#3 : Then, along the top bar,  you will see the different options you can customize, and it updates in real time below. Simply hit ‘browse’ to get a new background image.

Step#4 : Once you have played around with all the options and you are happy with them, hit “Apply Logon” at the very top.

Note : On clicking the “preview” button, you will get more options such as changing your user name at login, as well as the image. You can also change the Windows branding along the bottom, but only to other Windows brands i.e. Windows 7 Ultimate.

Now if that is not enough customization for you and if you want something different, here the procedure which will help you  get rid of that Windows branding all together :

Step#1 :  download this program called Windows 7 Branding Changer here.

Step#2 :  extract the folder and run the .exe file. A new Window will pop up, all you have to do is select ‘Load Picture’ and then browse for the image (it has to be a .png) you want to replace the traditional Windows branding.

Step#3 :  Hit ‘Apply’ and you are done with this. You can also restore it to the original branding with the ‘Restore’ button.


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